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SARMs Hardcore Series (Ultimate Gain)

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  • Xtreme STRENGTH Gain
  • Hardcore Mass Gain
  • Muscle Hardener
  • Increase Muscle Quality
  • Increase Muscularity
  • Quick Recovery
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Increase Stamine
  • Increase Endurance
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Ultimate SARM GAIN has the best S.A.R.M formulation for extreme athlete who are looking for extreme result in a safe way. Most athlete will tend to harm them selves with steroid use. Therefore, It is important for us to take part by creating a S.A.R.M formula that can par with steroid but in a rather safe way. Our Ultimate Sarm GAIN is a mix of MK677 a type of growth hormone & RAD140 a type of testosterone booster & LGD4033 that enhance muscle & strenght gain.

LGD4033(BULKING + STRENGTH) + MK677(Growth Hormone) + RAD140(Testosterone 1:1)

2 Capsule Per Serving
* LGD4033=15mg
* RAD140=15mg
* MK677=30mg

How to use:

Cosume 2 caps in morning
* GAIN halflife is 24 hour.
* Maximun use for GAIN is 2 month
* A simple PCT is needed

Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 15 cm


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