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  • Significant increase in Strength

  • Form more Solid & Better Muscles

  • Boost Vascularity

  • Increase of Muscle Endurance

  • Quick Sizing Result

  • Competition Ready Result 

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Dymethazine is actually two steroid molecules bound together by a nitrogen atom, this bonding method is known as Azine Bond Technology. Upon ingestion, our stomach acid separates the two steroid molecules that closely resemble methyldrostanolone (Superdrol). The makings of this oral anabolic steroid were already discovered by Italian scientists in 1962 and discussed in medical literature.  According to medical reports, it has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 210:96-95 and a half-life of 10 to 16 hours.

The full scientific name of Dymethazine is 17-beta-hydroxy 2-alpha,17-beta-dimethyl 5alpha-androstan 3-on azine, although there are some sources that point out it’s 2,17-dimethyl-5-androstan-17-ol-3,3′-azine. Other names of this prohormone include Mebolazine, Roxilon, Mebalozine, DMZ, and Dimethazine. When inspected thoroughly, the chemical structure of this prohormone has a very close resemblance to that of methasterone, which is the active compound of the anabolic steroid, Superdrol.

Dymethazine is basically two Superdrol molecules bonded at the center by two nitrogen atoms. It is so similar to the chemical structure of Superdrol – save for the azine bond – that it actually breaks down into the latter when it gets in contact with stomach acid. When this happens, the two molecules of Superdrol make their way to the androgen receptors and set off their anabolic effects. According to medical reports, Dymethazine has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 210:96-95 and a half-life of 10 to 16 hours.

Based on medical reports published about Dymethazine in the early 1960’s, this prohormone is technically the oral version of Masteron (drostanolone propionate) and has been seen to set off very minimal to no progestational to estrogenic activity in the body while being more powerful compared to the injectable steroid. It’s even said that this prohormone is stronger than Anadrol, Winstrol and Testosterone propionate.

History of Dymethazine

Dymethazine is a compound discovered by scientists in Milan, Italy that was first described in the Research Laboratories of Ormonoterapia Richter (Richter Hormone Therapy) in 1962. However, it didn’t get the attention it deserved during that time and only received recognition when it resurfaced as the active ingredient of a nutritional supplement/prohormone launched by iForce Nutrition in 2009.

* 4-6 Weeks per Cycle

4-6 weeks are perfect for one whole cycle of consuming DMZ (Dymethazine).

* Easy To Consume

Instructions on consuming DMZ (Dymethazine) is so easy, just take 2 capsules per day. 1 in the morning and another 8 hours later.

* Half Life 8 Hours

The time period for DMZ (Dymethazine) to take effect and stay in your body is 8 hours.

* 20 Milligram Dosage

DMZ (Dymethazine) comes in capsule form which contains 20 Milligram per capsule.


When taking pro hormones, we MUST consume cycle support as well.

  1. Cycle support protect us from Liver, prostate, cholesterol, and blood pressure issue sand also optimizing gains in size and strength.
  2. Its also suitable for steroid user or even normal supplement user for health purpose.
  3. The most common ingredients include NAC (protect liver), Milk Thistle( Protect liver), CoQ10 (heart&Blood pressure, Saw Palmetto (prostate), and Alpha Lipoic Acid.(protect organ), Grape seed extract (radical damage)

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